UFC fighter Robert Whittaker delays honeymoon for bout

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4 Dec 2018

Robert Whittaker’s honeymoon has been put on hold as he jumps into the octagon less than two weeks after marrying.

Whittaker married his childhood sweetheart Sofia in Cronulla on October 25, having postponed the wedding for two years to fit around his fighting schedule.

“I’ve had to put it back a few time because of fights and lead up to fights,” Whittaker said. “If I pushed it back one more year I would’ve had a tougher fight on my hand than against Clint Hester.”

The wedding bells come as Whittaker prepares to fight Hester on Saturday. Whittaker’s discipline was tested when it became time to cut the wedding cake.

“I don’t drink often anyway,” Whittaker said. “Not drinking didn’t faze me. It was an amazing day, the best day of my life. The real test came when we were cutting the wedding cake and having to restrain myself. I only had one or two pieces.

“We’ve put off the honeymoon. We’ll go for some R&R after the fight.”

Whittaker will fight in Sydney for the first time as part of the UFC Fight Night card.

He will fight at middleweight for the first time since jumping up from welterweight despite beating Mike Rhodes in his last bout.

“The move up was an awesome idea,” Whittaker said. “I was starting to struggle getting down to 77 kilograms. It’s had a huge impact on the camp and my mentality.

“I’ve always had power, now I’m not murdering myself in the sauna the day before a fight. I think I’ll be 50 per cent stronger.”

Whittaker, 23, was on a two-fight losing streak before beating Rhodes. Hester is undefeated from his seven fights.

Both fighters won their respective The Ultimate Fighter shows.

“Fighting in my backyard makes this so special,” Whittaker said. “It’s like bringing your kids to work day. The last UFC event in Sydney I went to as a fan. I always told myself that one day I’d be there.

“Finally I will be.”

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