TOPICS: Sacred site insect bite leaves Briarne bug-eyed

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4 Dec 2018

HOLY: Briarne Pigott shows off her infected eye, left. Pilgrims bathe and children play on the banks of the Ganges River at Varanasi, India, near where Briarne Pigott was bitten by a bug. WE’VE all been there. You’re in India, falling asleep in a hostel near the holy river Ganges when, in your right eye, you feel a scratch.

And you hope it’s not as bad as you think.

‘‘I have long fingernails and I was half-conscious, so I thought I must have scratched it,’’ reports Briarne Pigott, of Newcastle, who this just happened to.

‘‘Then I woke up in the morning and my face was huge.’’

A day later in the river city of Varanasi, her face ached and the eye was closing over. She went to a doctor who prescribed four pills, but by day three it was worse.

‘‘Very red and inflamed now, and the skin around my eye looked like it was a dead rash,’’ says Briarne.

‘‘I procrastinated, then went to the hospital to see an eye doctor. Should have done it straight away. She told me it’s been happening a lot lately around this area; a bug had bitten me right under my tear duct when I was sleeping and the swelling was an infection from the ‘poison’.’’

We’ll leave Briarne bug-eyed but on the mend, hopefully in a better hostel.

SPEAKING of trouble abroad, Wendy Cope of Blackalls Park tells of her son Aiden’s travails in the Pacific.

‘‘Last December, when Aiden was 13, we went to a zipline attraction in Fiji,’’ says Wendy.

‘‘It was the nearby waterhole where disaster struck.’’

Swinging from a rope swing, Aiden flung himself into the water. But tied to the swing was a heavy plastic buoy. When Aiden surfaced, the buoy swung back and cracked him in the face.

‘‘He lost his front tooth,’’ laments Wendy.

They piled into a car and drove to a ‘‘rough and ready dentist’’. That tipped Wendy over the edge. They’d have to touch his mouth!

‘‘We have since spent hundreds of dollars replacing that tooth,’’ she says.

‘‘He has to wait until he is 21 before he can get an implant. But through it all he has been patient and very mature. I feel I have learnt something important from him.’’

What’s that saying: what doesn’t kill you costs a fortune? Topics commends Aiden on his bravery, and is already counting down to his 21st.

Zac Garred

FRESH from having his character killed off in the US soap General Hospital, Newcastle actor Zac Garred should be home from Los Angeles.

But he got a call. He’s booked an episode of NCIS: LA.

‘‘Found out last week, was literally meant to fly back to Australia on the 31st but landed the job.’’

Garred’s labour of love – a biopic about boxing legend Les Darcy – has also received a boost, with The Ballad of Les Darcy author Peter FitzSimons to host a film finance drive on November 22 at the Lord Dudley Hotel in Wollahra, Sydney.

TWO sets of twins in the same cricket team is unusual (Topics, November 1), says reader Joan Sellick, but not unknown.

It happened with the Stockton under-14 premiership winners of 1943-44, she says.

‘‘Yes, two sets of twins: Warwick and Russell Ross, and Stuart (maybe Stewart) and Ron Wilson,’’ says Joan.

‘‘My late husband is also in the team, Keith Sellick, and I am wondering how many of these players are still alive. The manager and coach was teacher Mr Hogan.’’

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