Newcastle and Hunter linetrain schedule off the rails

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4 Dec 2018

TRAINS on the Newcastle and Hunter line have only had a 90per cent punctuality rate four times in the past 15months.

Data obtained from the state government shows February, May, June and August were the only months since July last year when punctuality reached 90per cent or more.

The system recorded 93.6per cent in February, 92.8per cent in May, 90.7per cent in June and 92.9per cent in August.

In March punctuality dropped to 78.2per cent – the lowest figure since March 2012 when trains were only punctual 76.5per cent of the time.

The data analysed trains that arrived in Newcastle CBD between 7.30am and 9.30am and departed between 4pm and 6pm Monday to Friday.

They were logged as ‘‘on time’’ if they arrived at the final destination within six minutes of the timetable.

Commuters were unable to access this publicly available data on the Sydney Trains website for more than seven weeks, leaving them unaware of the Newcastle and Hunter line’s performance record since July 2013.

It was the only line in the network where data had been omitted from the website.

The Newcastle Herald approached Transport for NSW in September to alert them about the issue and was told in a statement by a TrainLink spokeswoman that there ‘‘was an error with the Hunter line data on the website and that is being addressed’’.

But six weeks later the data had not been uploaded.

It finally appeared late last month after the Newcastle Herald again contacted the department and requested the data.

‘‘Unfortunately some of the recent data had been omitted, but [it] has now been updated,’’ a TrainLink spokeswoman said.

She said the service was ‘‘committed to delivering customers safely and on time’’ and commuters were kept informed when train services were disrupted through announcements at stations, on trains and via the internet and social media.

Save Our Rail president Joan Dawson has criticised the department for its failure to upload the information immediately.

She said the 78.2per cent punctuality recorded in March showed the government ‘‘was not committed to providing a reliable and punctual service’’.

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