Colac woman wins TAC payout after being driven over by pet dog

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4 Dec 2018

A COLAC woman has won a compensation payout of $143,590 after being driven over by her pet dog.

A Colac woman was badly injured when her dog accidentally dislodged the handbrake of her car.

The woman, who was aged in her 50s at the time, was returning to the car after walking her three dogs in Colac’s outskirts, putting one in the passenger seat and two in the back.

Before she could sit in the driver’s seat, one of the dogs knocked the hand brake, causing the car to roll with her arm caught in the door.

The woman, who has chosen not to be named, was dragged along with the car until she eventually fell to the ground and the car ran over the top of her body, causing extensive injuries to her back, neck, shoulders, and left hip.

Stringer Clark lawyer Ann Cunningham was shocked at the extent of her injuries and helped file a claim with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) for lump sum compensation.

The TAC this week confirmed an offer of $143,590 to the woman as a lump sum compensation amount, in addition to the payment of medical expenses and income entitlements.

It has taken the TAC several years to complete the assessment, as the woman’s injuries almost a decade ago took a long time to stabilise, according to Ms Cunningham.

She said the offer was a pleasing result for the woman, whose injuries required a hip replacement and bilateral shoulder replacements.

“Obviously, there was no liable party in this accident, and while it has its humorous dimension, the major injuries caused were no laughing matter for the woman concerned,” she said.

“While this is a highly unusual car accident, it underlines the point that TAC offers no-fault compensation payments to help injured people in their rehab and to get on with their lives as best they can.

“In my experience, people in regional areas are reluctant to pursue their injury entitlements, but it is important to bear in mind that we pay our car registrations and insurance premiums precisely so that we are covered should we suffer serious injury.

“Many accident victims receive medical treatment and loss of earning payments but without seeking legal advice they may never be offered lump sum compensation.”

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